Tiger Tea

Krazy Kat: Tiger Tea
by George Herriman
Originally published in
King's Features Syndicate, 1936
 via RAW v2#3


Iron Head Rat said...

Great stuff! I understand this storyline is the only extended one Herriman ever did in his career, before and after this he stuck to gag strips or weeklong sequences in his dailies. Some memorable lines here- "The coats is klee", "I didn't know his molar could mill that kind of chuck"

I have the Craig Yoe HC of this storyline, which goes on a few weeks longer than this printing and includes some interesting articles, one of which suggests Tiger Tea was Herriman's euphemism for marijuana. Eventually everyone else in Coconino turns their backs on Tiger Tea in preference for something more personal- Pupp orders Wolf Wine, Ignatz prefers Rat Biscuits, etc. Krazy is very sad no one wants his tea anymore. Except him! A heppy ending, everything is hunka-dora.

River Bird Comics said...

Thanks for the insight Iron Head Rat.

Richard Ranke said...

This was the longest story Herriman did in Krazy Kat-but it's too bad that only parts of it have been reprinted so far. I was disappointed in the Craig Yoe book because it did not include the full story, buty only long extensions from it,many of which had already been reprinted.Maybe one day there'll be a fuller reprinting.(In my home town, Krazy Kat was only carried in one paper during the 1920s.)

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