Mushroom Hunting

"Hatsutake Gari"
[ Mushroom Hunting ]
by Yoshiharo Tsuge
Originally published on
ガロ [ GARO ] #
 via Kotonoha
Translated by Megane Guard


Box Head Idiot said...

i dont get it =.=

why did the kid get into the grandfather's clock???

River Bird Comics said...

No idea, we need an expert.

Anonymous said...

I think there could be two possibilities. First, there might be a well-known image of kid sleeping in a big clock in Japanese culture. (I doubt it, though) Second, just a meaningless image like kids hiding in a refridge. In the manga, the kid couldn't sleep with excitement, and later, he was curious about the clock, so he might have tried getting into the clock for fun and fallen asleep in the clock while playing that trick.

I said it's meaningless because this manga's goal is describing the bucolic, rural atmosphere with calm tone, and the kid's sleeping in the clock is just a small event which is possible with playful kids. Not a serious and meaningful event.

Ethan Pepin said...

I think you may be overanalyzing this, it seems pretty straightforward to me, but maybe I'm missing something. I read it as, the boy is excited to go mushroom hunting the next morning, but can't sleep because his Grandfather's Clock is making so much noise. To fix this, he climbs inside the clock so that the pendulum can't swing anymore and make noise, allowing him to sleep.

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